品牌總裁兼首席執行長 Franky Filice 關注到全球的美容、美髮行業均面對著因染髮或髮廊內的化學過程中有可能會導致接觸性皮膚敏感、刺痛、紅腫等問題,因此 Franky Filice 創造了革命性 A12 分子系統,以無傷害成分守護每位用家的皮膚及頭皮,引領新一代美髮革命,讓你「美麗無懼」。

AntidotPro 產品的核心就是帶給人們健康,希望我們的產品能為身邊的人帶來健康和舒適的生活。

We believe in

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At Scalfix Inc we make well-being a priority in daily life. Recognizing the universal problem of contact dermatitis associated with an in salon chemical process or hair coloring resulting in itching, stinging, burning or redness Franky Filice, President & CEO of Scalfix Inc revolutionized the beauty industry by creating the A12 molecule, shattering the myth that we must suffer to be beautiful.

Wellness is at the core of what we do! AntidotPro products are for those who want to bring wellness and comfort into their lives and to those around them.

Our purpose is your wellness.
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