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St. Bark was born from our love of our own pups.  As they gradually age, we realised their increased need for eye-protection from the sun and so we opted for the dog hats. We took it into our hands by creating quality, stylish and anti-UV hats, bandanas and more for all furry friends.


SPUTNIK inherits the attitude of being brave to challenge and eager to create more possibilities.

We hope to display the trendy styles and superior design on pet’s products with our insights into consumer lifestyles and current popular culture,

Giving the pet products a brand-new and more popular look, and provide a better quality of life 

for pets and their owners.



Dogalicious Customised Plan gives your dog the perfect meal every time. Answer a few questions about your dog, we will customise a weekly plan for them.  Fourteen meals per week, each portion perfectly portioned for your dog.


Sydney & Co is an UK & Australia based dog fashion brand. Our headquarter in the United States is located in Columbia, Maryland.


HYPONIC hypoallergenic pet shampoo contains 100% all natural ingredients to help keep pets coat healthy.

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FOURFLAX Flaxseed oil is a plant based omega supplement for pets. It has diverse health benefits on skin/coat, joints, heart, immune system and general maintenance. Particularly useful for pets with itchy, sensitive skin.